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LSA New Turf Starter Pack* - Small



New Turf Starter Pack is the ultimate starter pack for your new lawn. When both Launcher and Rescue are used in conjunction with each other they provide the best start to your new lawn.

Get your new lawn established with Lawn Launcher Starter Fertiliser by creating the perfect base before you lay your lawn. The slow release fertliser in the Lawn Launcher gets to the roots to promote healthy growth while the water crystals keep moisture in the soil at the root level.

Once turf has been laid, spray on Lawn Rescue. This is an effective liquid starter fertliser which assists in promoting root developement and reducing shock transplant giving a boost to early turf growth.

Lawn Launcher covers 30m2
Lawn Rescue covers 150m2 (keep excess to use with your 3 monthly fertlising)

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